Should you buy an air fryer?

Who doesn’t like deep-fried, greasy food like french fries and fried chicken? However, they come with fat and calories which most of us want to avoid. Air fryers, which have made an appearance in the Indian markeProduct guide 1t, may be the answer to your dilemma.

This mini oven promises tasty chips and other fried foods using very little oil. A batch of homemade chips needs just half a spoonful of oil and 12 minutes to cook in an air fryer!

How does it work?

It is a small appliance that cooks just like an oven. It uses a grill and a fan to blast very hot air around food at high speeds. It circulates hot air around a metal mesh cooking basket, requiring little or no oil. So the food gets cooked by hot air, unlike a microwave which uses radiation. It heats up quickly, is easier to clean than an oven and less messy than a traditional deep fryer.

You can make several dishes like cutlets, wedges, samosas with minimum oil. Not only that, you can bake cakes and make Indian sweets like gujiya and shahi tukda also.


Healthy food: The air fryer air fries, bakes, grills and roasts food using just one or two teaspoons of oil. You get fried food with 80% less oil and fat without taking away the original taste and mouth-feel.

Fast: The temperature in an air fryer increases quite quickly –  as fast as three minutes from room temperature to 300oC.

Product guide 2Easy: Set the time and temperature and let the fryer do the rest. It shuts off automatically and an alarm rings to inform you.

Safe: You don’t have to handle hot oil which can be dangerous at times. Also, you do not breathe in fumes while cooking.

No Mess: Since very little oil is used, cleaning becomes very easy. The tray can be washed and is dishwasher safe too.

Brands and models

Some of the popular brands and models available in India are: Bajaj Majesty AFX7 Air Fryer, Kenstar Aster Oxy Fryer,  Havells Prolife Air Fryer, Philips HD9220 Air Fryer, Prestige Air Fryer PAF 1.0, Delonghi Air Fryer (FH1130), Delonghi Multicooker Classic (FH 1163), Oster Halo 1300W and Oster Halo Air Fryer

What should you look for?

Most air fryers have a power rating and use 800 to 1400 watts. They consume much less than half unit of electricity in a day. Almost all air fryers use the same technology. However, there may be some variations in features. Depending on your needs you can select an air fryer best suited for you.

Here are some things you should consider, apart from size and price, before you make your purchase:

Capacity: Most air fryers have the capacity of 1.5 kg. Some air fryers come with only one rack, whereas others have the option for a separator and multiple racks.

Safety: Check if the air fryer has slip resistant feet. It should have automatic shut-off so that it doesn’t catch fire if you forget about it. Check if it complies with all the standards. Also, the exterior should stay cool to the touch while cooking.

Cleaning: Ensure that all the necessary parts are easy to clean and are not cumbersome to handle.

Settings: Some air fryers have temperature settings and some don’t. Most air fryers touch 360°C and come with timers and auto turn off.

Accessories: Most brands offer a variety of accessories like additional racks, tongs, grill pans, double layer racks and skewers.

Tips for use  

  • Shake the air fryer basket while cooking smaller batches for even cooking and to prevent the food from sticking together.
  • Do not overfill the air fryer basket as it restricts circulation of hot air. This will increase the cooking time.
  • Get an oil sprayer so that less oil will be used and the food will be evenly coated with oil.
  • When air frying food coated with bread crumbs, ensure that the bread crumbs are wet enough to stick to the food otherwise they will come off in the fast air flow.
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