Room Heater

We tested eight brands of room heaters with fan as per the specifications set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

November – December 2006

We tested eight brands of room heaters with fan as per the specifications set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).


Hot Air Output

  • Bajaj registered the highest temperature rise — 15.75°C at heat setting 1 and 23.17°C at heat setting 2 (at ambient temperature of 27°C). The lowest temperature rise at heat setting 1 was in Black & Decker at 7.5°C and that in heat setting 2 was in ABC at 14.54°C.
  • Thermal cut-out (a safety device) did not function in Orpat, Omax and Black & Decker.


  • Thermostat (a temperature sensor) was absent in Usha(FH423N), Omax, Orpat(ORH-9007-DX), and ABC. It did not function in Greenline. Orpat includes electronic circuit. It can be operated using re-mote control and timer is provided for setting of working hours up to 7½.


  • Orpat failed in the test of input since the actual wattage consumed was 1700 W against the rated wattage of 2000 W.

Cord Length

  • Except Bajaj, all brands failed to meet the requirement for cord length. The seven failing brands had cord length less than the specified 2 metres.


  • ABC failed to meet the requirement of protection against electric shock as live parts were accessible from the front grill of the heater which could lead to electric shock to the user. In the case of Orpat plug housing is provided for fixing the plug when the heater is not in use. However, when the plug is not fixed this portion remains open in the absence of a flap. Through this opening, insects may enter and cause short circuit.


  • Omax failed in finish test with a part of the inner assembly rusted. Rusting may lead to short circuit.


  • The price varied quite a bit ranging from Rs 690 (Omax) to Rs 1,850 (Greenline). Most of the prices lay in the Rs 1,500 to Rs 1,800 range.
  • Greenline is provided with a swing angle of 90° (oscillating facility).

Energy Consumption

  • The energy consumed in kilowatt hour was the lowest in Greenline at 1.548 KWH and highest in Bajaj at 2.051 KWH.


  • Except for Orpat and ABC the marking information on the other brands was printed on paper which was glued to the heater. This can get easily removed. Instruction manual was not provided by Omax, Orpat and ABC.
  • Greenline does not offer any guarantee/warranty.
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