Sept – 16: TALL TALK

Claims galore!

The advertisement of 3D Cool Xtreme AC makes so many claims using impressive terms that we were indeed intrigued. We wondered whether the features highlighted were unique to this brand. We wrote to ASCI questioning the claims. ASCI upheld our objection to the claim “3 times more powerful cooling” saying that while the connected claim regarding air throw distance was proven, this did not completely prove that the speed of cooling of the room was as claimed. Hence, the claim was misleading by ambiguity.

Tall talk

ASCI also upheld our objection to the claim “6th sense climate control” as the advertiser did not provide test data to substantiate the claim. Again, the advertiser claims that the AC “cools the room instantly” as the compressor turns on immediately. However, ASCI found this claim misleading by exaggeration as it would take a while for the room to become cool in any case. The claim that the product’s additional air filter renders health benefits could not be substantiated by Whirlpool and was found to be misleading by implication.

Truth prevails

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