How to save money while buying technology


In today’s market, where new technology comes out every few months, you should always try to get the best deal without sacrificing quality. Follow these tips…

1. Do your research – If you don’t do your research beforehand, you could end up with something much more expensive than you actually need. Sign up for newsletters of the brands that you are considering.
2. Be patient – Don’t be in a rush to buy a device as soon as it is launched. Once the initial rush settles, the prices generally fall. Read reviews before you decide on brand and model.
3. Festive shopping – If you are in no hurry, then wait for festive season which always offers best deals on gadgets.
4. Sell the old device – Before buying a new device sell your old one. If it works well and has original parts, you will get a good price for it. This would partly fund your new purchase.
5. Stop upgrading – When a new device comes out, compare it with the previous one. If the latest upgrade has something that you don’t need, use the earlier version.
6. Don’t buy extended warranty – Extended warranties usually work out to be costlier than the value of the device after the default warranty expires.
7. Buy legitimate – Products that haven’t been officially endorsed by the manufacturer might do more damage than good. Replacing them will cost you more.
8. Don’t assume expensive means quality – Sometimes you pay a heavy price just for the brand name. For accessories, you can opt for a cheaper but reliable brand.
9. Do it yourself – If the laptop you want to buy comes with 2GB of RAM but is expandable to 4GB, upgrade the RAM yourself and save some money.
10. Negotiate – Don’t hesitate to negotiate. It could be for discounts, loyalty benefits or better deals.


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