10 tips to get the most from your car AC

It’s summer and your car air conditioner will have to work really hard to keep you cool while you are on the go. Here are some handy tips to optimally use your car AC.


1. Park in the shade: Park in a basement parking or under the shade of a tree so that your car does not get too heated up.If you have to park in the wide open, use shades to cover your car windows.

2. Don’t pre-cool: The AC works much better when you are actually driving. Don’t waste time and fuel letting your car AC run before you go.

3. Ventilate the car: Before turning on the AC, open the windows partially and drive around a bit to allow the hot air inside to escape.

4. Start the AC in low: Try to avoid the instinct to turn on the AC on full blast as soon as you start the car. This is not good for the AC system.

5. Use recirculation mode: Once the AC is blowing cool air, turn on the recirculation mode. This way the AC system won’t suck hot air from the outside and will use air inside the car.

6. Turn off the auto start: If your car has an auto start/stop system, turn it off. This feature will prevent the compressor from running when it shuts the engine off.

7. Ensure regular maintenance: Make sure the filter is clean. A dirty filter prevents optimal airflow. Also, check if the refrigerant needs to be replaced.

8. Get the compressor checked: Do this at an authorized service centre if you find that the AC is not cooling well.

9. Avoid extremes: If it’s very hot outside, don’t turn the inside of the car into an igloo. The temperature change when you step out of the car may cause you to faint.

10. Shut down properly: Turn off the AC while the engine is still running. But keep the fan working. This will dry out the car and ensure that moss and bacteria won’t thrive causing foul smells and respiratory diseases.



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