Emirates compensates for damaged baggage

 Flight of fantasy

Chetna Gandhi had a relative visiting her from America, who flied first class by Emirates. When he landed in Ahcersmmedabad, his baggage had not arrived. He got the baggage after 2 days, but both the bags were damaged. Shocked at this state of his baggage, Chetna wrote to the airlines. She asked compensation of around Rs. 1,04,000 for the delay in delivering the baggage as well as the damage caused to it. Emirates responded that it will reimburse only Rs. 41,790 after calculating the depreciation etc. Even after protracted correspondence with Emirates when Chetna was not able to convince them to give the full amount of compensation, she approached CERS for help.

After studying the documents, CERS wrote to the authorities at Emirates requesting them for an amicable resolution of the case. Within one week of CERS mail, Emirates reviewed the claim and offered a revised compensation of Rs. 70,000 for the baggage claim. Though the amount was not what Chetna had originally asked as compensation, she agreed to it to settle the case.

Quick action


  • In case of loss, damage or delayed baggage, immediately contact the airline and fill up Property Irregularity Report (known as PIR) before leaving the airport.
  • In case of damaged baggage, airline may pay you for repair of your baggage or provide replacement baggage. They will also give you compensation if you are not happy with the replacement option.

School made to issue transfer certificate without payment of fees

Pay and leave

Shvetangi Gajjar’s son Vrishin was a student of class 4 in Nirman High School. When he was promoted to class 5, his parents changed his school. For this they needed the transfer certificate from Nirman. The school agreed to give the transfer certificate on the condition that they pay his fees for the next year. This was not agreeable to the parents and they wrote a letter to the school citing “Unfair Trade Practice”. They marked a copy of this letter to Consumer Education and Research Society (CERS) requesting their intervention.

CERS wrote to the school urging them to issue the certificate without asking for any fee payment. The constant telephonic follow up from CERS resulted in the school complying with the parent’s request. 

Teaching the teachers

Good to Know

Even if the students wants to leave the course mid-term, education institutes cannot refuse refund of fees. There are orders from National Commission that establish this.


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