September-19: In a capsule  


‘Sugar Tax’ influences the consumer behaviour 

Not so sweet


17 studies were reviewed to evaluate the effectiveness of ‘sugar tax’ of soft drinks imposed in several countries. The reports published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that imposing 8% or more tax showed a significantly reduced consumption of sweetened beverages. Sugar tax may not be a cure – all solution for the problem of obesity but the evidence points to it being effective in making a positive shift in consumer behaviour.

Informatively, in India, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has proposed introduction of ‘traffic light labelling’ for packaged food products based on their fat, sugar, and salt content. This, however, is being protested by the industry.

Say no to sugar 

How long do Hip and Knee replacements last? 

Bend the knee

A study by researchers at the University of Bristol indicate that knee and hip replacement could last 25 years. The Lancet reported that researchers reviewed the case series from journals and joint replacement registries from many countries. The registries have details of every joint replacement done, the device implanted and the outcomes. They concluded that six out of ten hip replacements and 82% of knee replacements will last longer than 25 years.

Lasts long



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