September-19: Tall Talk 

Boost – 3 times more Stamina

Challenging the masters  

tall talk

The TVC shows a young boy playing cricket on the field,  where he stops every boundary by Virat Kohli and also stumps him. Virat Kohli is impressed by the boy and a voice over says “Jab stamina bada hoga, koi challenge bada nahi hoga”. Further, the voice over says “Boost with nutrients (Protein, Energy Rich Cereals, Nutrients) gives 3 times more stamina”. We wondered 3 times more stamina as compared to what. We had doubts whether the amount of Energy Rich Cereals, Nutrients in the product was enough to have an effect on the health and stamina of the consumer. We complained about the advt and also asked that the advertiser GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd should show evidence that Virat Kohli had done due diligence and that he confirms all the claims made in the advertisement.

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) informed us that the advertiser had agreed to withdraw the advertisement.

No arguments   



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