Return old cell phone and get reward?Snippets - old cell phone - GS June-July 16 pg 5_c

Got an old cell phone you want to get rid of? The government is mulling a plan whereby you can give it back for some sort of reward – cash back or a discount on future purchases. This is part of the Environment Ministry’s effort to provide an incentive to encourage consumers to help recycle electronic waste. Indians currently own one billion mobile phones.

Face analysis reveals your buying decision

A software created by US firm Affective analyses faces as people watch advertisements and senses how much they are influenced to buy the products advertised, reports New Scientist. While participants watched, the software looked out for emotions such as happiness, surprise or confusion. The participants then revealed their buying decision. The researchers found that they could use the facial data to accurately predict the results.

Your height affects your health

Snippets - height affects health - GS Apr-May 16 pg 34_cTall people have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, but a higher risk of cancer in comparison to short people, claims a study published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. The findings show that height has an important impact on mortality from certain common diseases, irrespective of body fat mass and other modulating factors.

Midnight munchies may impair memory

Frequent late-night kitchen raids for snacks may impair your memory and learning skills, according to a new study published in eLife. The habit could alter the brain’s physiology. Eating at times normally reserved for sleep causes a deficiency in the type of learning and memory controlled by the hippocampal area of the brain.

Chemicals in food packing make us fat

Exposure to phthalaSnippets - plastic food packagingtes in food packaging could alter hormones and trigger weight problems even in low concentrations. Phthalates, found in plastic food containers, which leach into food, can also enter our bodies through the skin. They may alter metabolic processes which causes weight gain.

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