Unreal claims

The TVC of Tang made exaggerated claims saying, ‘it has great fruit taste and goodness of iron and vitamins A, Tall TalkB, C’. A mother asks her son if he has bought oranges for his grandmother. He mixes Tang in water and gives to his grandmother saying it is orange juice. This, by implication, means that Tang is as good as real orange juice. However, ingredients on the pack state that it has just 0.8% orange fruit powder! All packs, including imported ones say Tang has artificial orange powder. Then, how can it be like real orange juice?

We wrote to ASCI questioning the amount of Vitamin A, B, C and iron in Tang. Also, how could a synthetic drink which is full of sugar and preservatives be a substitute for real fruit juice? ASCI considered the advertiser’s response and concluded that the claims made were not false. The reason? The advt does not make specific claims regarding the amount of vitamins. ASCI also said that “the TVC does not imply that Tang is a substitute for real fruit juice” The complaint was not upheld.

However, CERC does not agree with ASCI’s decision. The advt clearly tries to imply that the drink is filled with the goodness of oranges and added vitamins and thereby misleads. So, don’t get lured by this misleading advt.

 Buyers beware 

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