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Key Findings

Nine popular brands were tested in our comparative product testing laboratory to find out which tasted the best and which had the lowest fat, sugar and salt content. The brands varied greatly in taste, with the top-tasting one scoring 88% and the least-preferred one scoring just 46% in the taste test.

There were also big differences in sugar amount: Britannia Vita Marie Gold had almost 40% more sugar than Parle Marie Digestive.

Sunfeast Marie Light Oats, the top-tasting biscuit, because of its flavour and crunchy texture, also contained the lowest fat. It had an average amount of sugar and was the third-lowest in salt, making it an excellent choice. If you are cutting down on salt, pick Sunfeast Marie Light Original which was second-best in taste and had the second-lowest salt content.

Britannia Vita Marie Gold had the lowest sodium content but the highest amount of sugar. Parle Marie Digestive is a good choice with the second lowest sugar content. It was not high on taste, though. Priya Gold Marie Lite had the least sugar but it had the second highest fat content and was the highest in salt. McVitie’s proved the least preferred by our panel of sensory experts and had the highest fat.

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