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Key Findings

Catching up on Ketchup *

Our in‐house Comparative Product Testing Laboratory tested widely available ketchups  for their sodium and sugar content and had a close look at their nutritional labels as well. The main ingredient of ketchup is tomato which, once cooked, has high levels of lycopene. Th is is an antioxidant with many benefits; it is linked to reduced risk of many cancers and of cardiovascular diseases. It is also said to ward off liver diseases. The highlights of the test findings:


Smith & Jones Tomato Ketchup contains the least sugar and the second low est amount of s odium, slightly higher than Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup. It is good for those with sugar‐restricted diet.

Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup has the lowest level of sodium , making it a better choice for t hose with high blood pressure or other cardio vascular issues. Its sugar content, however, is o n the higher side.

Maggi Rich Tomato Ketchup revealed the highest sugar content – almost a teaspoon per serving. T he sodium content is not state d on the pack but proved higher than most. It is not the best option if you have sugar‐related complications like diabetes.

Del Monte Quality Tomato Ketchup does not state the salt content on the label and it has the highest sodium content. Avoid it, if you need to limit salt in your diet – those suffering from high blood pressure and other heart‐related diseases.

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