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Key findings

We tested 11 varieties of 6 brands of tomato soup powders for their lycopene, sodium and sugar content.

Sodium content range from 1203 mg/100gm to 7037mg/100gm.

According to the U.K. (FSA) a product which has sodium more than 600mg/100gm is termed as High in sodium. Thus all the 11 varieties were found high in sodium content.

Soups tested by us had sugar content ranging from 0.79 gm/100gm to 25.9gm/100gm. U.K. FSA considers products with sugar content more than 15gm/100gm as high sugar products. Six varieties had sugar content higher than 15gm/100gm and none of the brand did not give any nutritional information on the label and the ‘vegetarian logo’ was also missing thus not complying with the labeling requirements of PFA Rule 32.


 Areas of Action/Recommendations

Manufacturers make a conscious effort to reduce the level of sodium in tomato soup powder and increase the amount of lycopene to maximise nutritional benefits.

It is time the industry took up responsibility to reformulate its products and invest in better, healthier versions to tomato soup powders. The process could be gradual so as to ensure the consumer is accustomed to the altered taste over time and not suddenly.

The FSSAI should take note of the salt minimisation efforts recommended by the FSA (UK). It should suggest limits for salt and sodium, taking into account our country’s tropical climate, (The FSA has set a target of an average 0.6 gm (600 mg) in a single serving of soup by 2010 for the soup manufacturers.)

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) needs to be instrumental in supervising advertisements and promotions addressed to children.

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